Will we ever get to a truly paperless office? Possibly one day but it won’t be for this generation or the next. Holding a piece of paper is still a habit we struggle to break. Having said that, there are clear benefits to replacing the majority of the paper in your office, whether it’s for the security, the ease of finding what you’re looking for or the cost savings. Let’s explore why more and more of us are moving towards a paperless office and ridding ourselves of the manual processes that slow us down.

Cost savings

There are the obvious cost savings. How much do you spend each year on printers, diaries, toner, ink cartridges, paper(!), post it notes and postage? All of them are costs that can be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely (the diary!) by moving to a paperless office.

Time savings

Then there’s the time that you’re going to save looking for Mrs Fitzsimmons’ notes and files. Now where were they left? Who had them last? When is her next appointment? Let’s flick through the pages of the diary and search through the weeks until we find her next slot. A cloud based Practice Management software can save you days and days of time each month. Type in a name and up pops clinical notes, past and future appointments and any special considerations and information such as allergies, hobbies, interests and even the grand childrens’ names. A search that would have required several different pieces of paper, some no doubt dodgy illegible handwriting and some considerable time now takes just seconds. Even your digital X-Ray images can be linked to clients’ notes for instant access.

Legal support

Digital and electronic records really come into their own if you’re ever in the unfortunate position of a legal claim (for or against your practice). Client notes create an audit trail of all communications, appointments, treatments and diagnoses. It also ensures that you can get your hands on records quickly and efficiently and a full log of any alterations and adjustments is made with time stamp and author. Every question you could possibly be asked can be answered and verified quickly and confidently.


How many files do you have? How much room do they take up? Cabinets and drawers of files? And in the future, how much room will you require? What if every piece of information you could possibly have stored in your practice was available in your hand, accessible through a smartphone, or a tablet or a PC on your desk. What could you do with all that extra space?


A good cloud based Practice Management Software can give you significant extra security for your information. Paper comes with many perils. Heaven forbid, but a fire? Files gone. A break in? Files disrupted or gone. Having all the information online behind a secure password makes in inaccessible. And if it’s cloud based rather than stored on your computer it’s fire proof, water proof and theft proof. IF the worst happens to your business it will take you far less time to get back up and running. Your insurance can replace your equipment and your premises but not your paper files.

Less to carry

No more lugging your diary around with you. It’s probably left on the reception desk? With a software based diary all of your appointments are accessible through your smartphone, tablet or PC. A quick glance will tell you what tomorrow’s appointments are. Who’s coming in? What treatment do they require? What the patient history was?

It’s estimated that businesses that go paperless are up to 55% more efficient. They make fewer mistakes and save more time. They lose less information and spend considerably less money within the business.

Going paperless is easy. A good Practice Management Software will pay for itself through cost savings and efficiencies. A simple subscription with a login and you can be up and running within minutes. A demo is always provided and full training can ensure that all of the savings and efficiencies are realised. For more on the benefits of a paperless office contact us at [email protected]