The Cost of Churn

Staff turnover, or churn, is a fact of life for any business – we all lose people for a variety of reasons. Managing this churn effectively can be a critical factor in determining the success of your business or practice. When a member of the team moves on, you don’t just lose their specific skills, knowledge and experience, but you also lose any of the CPD and training that they have received with you…

When it comes to something as fundamental as your practice management software, turnover can have a significant effect on your business performance, customer experience and clinical efficiency.

Modern practice management solutions like AeronaClinic are powerful tools that can tangibly improve clinical and business functions in a practice. When implemented correctly, it will transform your patient journey, business processes and add to your bottom line.

Experienced and properly trained staff are able to exploit the full potential of the software that you pay for. This ensures that you maximise these benefits across all clinical and business functions.

When key members of the team move on, these deep skills are often lost. Within a few years of purchase you may end up with no-one in a practice team who has been properly trained in your key business management tool.


Ongoing Training

At Aerona we have recognised this issue for some time, with a dedicated customer success team following up with our users around training needs and refreshers. We see clearly the benefits that ongoing training support has on our established users.

This is why we offer a series of free weekly webinars for AeronaClinic Premium subscribers. These alternate focus between introductory training and specialist sessions for specific functionality such as payment processing, Design & Sign, Business Analytics & more.

Alongside this we have developed a range of free accreditation options for our training, allowing participants to earn CPD credits whilst maximising the value of their AeronaClinic subscription, and helping to support compliance as well as efficiency for our customers.

Staff turnover is inevitable, but it is manageable. As business models and employment contracts evolve it will increasingly become a normal feature of the dental sector.

It’s time for practice owners to get ahead of the issue and ensure that your training needs are met, reassessed and scheduled on a regular basis with your key suppliers – let us help you to stay competitive!

Find out more about Aerona’s Training and Customer Success programmes here.