Come & join us in the Cloud!

A new year always leads us to think about new ideas, innovations and developments. This certainly seemed to be the case at January’s Professional Dentistry event in London Olympia.

As ever, our team were very busy talking to Clinicians, Group and Practice owners about emerging trends within the sector generally and practice management in particular.

Amongst the usual frustrations and issues that we heard about legacy software systems – the costs of securely storing & updating hardware; the slowness of simple tasks such as recall management; the clunkiness of some online appointment book solutions; and the general age of much of the software that is being used in practices – a consistent response was clear.

When presented with Aerona’s clean, modern Cloud-based solution, many of the dentists and practice managers told us that the Cloud really does represent the future of practice management. Whilst we completely agree with them, and have been referring to Cloud as the future for a long time now, we have surely reached the point where we can move past this.

It is 2020. The Cloud is not the future. The Cloud is the present!

We use Cloud-based software in virtually all of our online interactions – Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fitbit etc exploit all of the benefits of the Cloud to deliver seamless, engaging and highly usable solutions to us.

Updated in real time; accessible from anywhere and any online device; securely storing and backing up your data; allowing tight control on any information that you may wish to share and where and who you share it with; low cost  and updated regularly to be both responsive to user feedback and to maximise the latest technology. This is what we expect from the software that we use in our everyday lives…

…so why are all dentists not demanding this in their practices today?

There is really no reason that any business should accept their expensive software solutions being based on solutions that are from the last century. Aerona Clinic has been successfully in use in practices for almost a decade and thousands of users across the world have experienced the highest levels of customer satisfaction – outperforming legacy systems in functionality, security and usability at a fraction of the cost.

Moving to the Cloud is no longer an innovative step for early adopters in the sector – it is simply the only sensible way to support the management and growth of your business. Not just for the future, but today!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us in the Cloud…

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