With the evolution and growth of the cosmetic sector, it is important you have the right software to capture the charting, clinical notes and imaging for your patients. AeronaClinic is a practice management software for cosmetic clinics.

AeronaClinic makes this easy for you with the ability to offer different treatment options to your patient, provide customisable treatment plans and facial charting to highlight facial aesthetics. You can track the progress of your treatment and provide pictures before and after, and at different stages of a particular treatment.

All your cosmetic products such as teeth whitening can be quickly set-up in the shop feature allowing you to separate your income from the treatment the clinician performs.

Having the right technology to manage the treatment for cosmetic patients is critical to the growth of your business. With AeronaClinic you can market to your patients by running customisable reports, for example, you can send an offer to all patients that had botox last year. You can even have them reply via SMS, making if very easy for your patient to accept a new treatment offer. Your patients can also log-in to our Patient Portal, customised to your branding, and make their next appointment in the comfort of their own home.

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