Impact of COVID-19

With COVID-19 now officially designated as Pandemic by the WHO and impacting across Europe and the world, there are real challenges for dentists at both Business and Clinical levels.

As self-isolation increases there will be obvious business implications for appointment bookings and business volume, with a drop-off in non-urgent treatments; for staffing levels, as critical staff may be unable to attend work; and for supply chains, as workforce shortages may impact on their capacity to deliver.

As part of your planning and response to these issues, your Practice Management Software can play a key role alongside a physical hygiene-led response in helping to manage and mitigate the potential impacts of COVID- 19.


Patient communication is key.

Reliable, clear and concise communication with patients is essential to ensure that you are calm, measured and knowledge-led in your responses.

Whether it is informing patients of any restrictions to treatments; stepping up your confirmation of appointments with additional reminders by SMS and/or email; or simply issuing information on current advice and patient safety around COVID-19; your Practice Management Software should be the key hub to manage these digital communications.

For those practices who have used tools such as the Patient Portal and Design & Sign to build strong digital relationships with their patients, the value of this may be seen now through trusted and reliable e-communication between you and patient base.


Remote working may be an option.

For some staff within a practice, remote working may be an option. A Cloud-based Practice Management solution allows you and your team to access all relevant data remotely, from any online device at any time. Your appointment books, finance, patient communications and business operations can all be managed remotely via a connected device.

Here at Aerona we have a framework in place to ensure that our helpdesk, technical and customer success teams will remain online and on-call through any forseeable periods of disruption, and we will continue to offer help and support to our customers wherever you are. We want to do all that we can to ensure that we can minimise impacts together and help you to maintain your excellent service to patients.


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