Empower your Patients in a Digital World

Patient-centred health care is a powerful force in the fight for efficient, positive outcomes. Educating your patients is always at the top of the list for dental professionals but information without engagement can be daunting to your patients. Using a product such as Aerona’s Patient Portal can actively hand your patients the power they need to take charge of their health and also increase revenue in your clinics.

Patient Engagement

Even if your clinic is closed, patients can request appointments, complete medical history forms, pay a bill or update personal details by simple logging into your portal. This empowers your patients to engage with your practice at a time convienient to them, resulting in an improved user experience and patient journey.

Reduced Administrative Duties

Having the Portal reduces the amount of time staff have to spend on the phone dealing with appointment requests meaning their day can become more productive. A huge part of any clinic is the paperwork required and this can lead to most of the day being very admin driven and less focused on the patient experience. In line with GDPR, patients are also asked to provide the same details at each appointment to keep records updated. With Aerona’s Patient Portal however, your patients can now complete and sign their medical history online with our E-sign feature. They can also change their address and even update their communication preferences, saving both your staff and patients time and increasing efficiency in your clinic.

Educate your Patients

Within Aerona’s Patient Portal, patients can access important data that can help them better understand their treatments. For example, if a patient was still deciding on what treatment they wanted to go for, they can view their plan in the comfort of their home and make an informed decision on which plan to choose. Once the patient decides to go ahead, they can simply schedule their appointment through the portal and your practice is notified in real time. Your patient will also be prompted to complete their medical history and sign it online so that you have an up to date copy at all times. It’s that simple! This ultimately saves time, money and a huge reduction in paper.

Pay Bills Immediately

All financial transactions are available to your patients via the portal so patients can access their current balance making it more convenient for them to pay. Once they make a payment through our partner Stripe™this is reconciled to their dental records in real time.

Attract New Patients

Social media is an ideal way of generating awareness about your patient portal. You can use channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to attract new patients. This will increase the number of new patients in your clinic; ultimately increasing revenue. You have control of how the portal is configured so you can even add deposits for appointment types whether for new or existing patients.

As you can see, Aerona’s Patient Portalis a great way of boosting engagement, increasing efficiency and ultimately increasing revenue. Book your free demo today and we will show you how to take your clinic to the next level.