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The most advance multi-site cloud solutions for modern clinics

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Why Choose AERONA?

Whether you have two Sites or 100 Sites we have the Solution for Growing your Business.

With no restrictions on the number of users or devices, you can connect your multi-site practice with one solution from AeronaClinic. You only ever pay for the number of treatment rooms you have.

There are a number of user access levels available on AeronaClinic meaning you can secure your multi-site practice so that sensitive data is only seen by those who need to see. Security levels can even be restricted to days of the week or times of the day!

We grow as you grow. Adding a new treatment room is simple, as is adding new members of staff or new clinicians. As an administrator of your system, you have complete control of all elements of AeronaClinic. Prices and new treatments can be updated quickly.

Introducing membership plans in your practice is now even easier. Set up direct debits with our partner GoCardless and assign the treatments easily into your membership levels.

We have the Solution to Suit any type of Business

Aerona Clinic

Allow full patient and treatment management in the AeronaClinic cloud-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Patient Portal

With Aerona’s online Patient Portal your patient can update any personal details, make an appointment, view forthcoming appointments and much more.

Insurance Portal

Aerona’s insurance portal automates the workflow of claim management saving you time and making the claim and recovery process effortless.

Tailored Digital Solutions For Your Business

AeronaClinic practice management gives Group Practices and multi-site clinics access to data and features that allow them to do things they could never do before.

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Time-saving features

Giving you time to focus on your clients

Patient Information

Access patient information, no matter what location they are in.


Collaborate with your team members across the group.


Everything is centralised in one patient database- no more duplicate records.

Patient Inclusion

Allow your patient to book an appointment in any location or pay their overall bill online with one unique and native patient portal which will manage all your sites

Administration Time is Significantly Reduced

Manage your staff rota for all sites from one location. Have a call centre or centralised receptionist manage appointments and calls for all sites.

Search Appointments

Quickly find the next available appointment(s) for a clinician no matter what location they are in.

Treatments and Payments

Allow your patients to be treated in one site and pay in another site.


Saves your clinic time and money. Have one price list that can be applied to all sites.

Learning Curve

Move to different locations without having any learning curve with your software.