Growing Your Practice Through Patient Growth

Patient growth should be your number one priority when trying to expand your business.

Holding onto to existing patient has become even easier these days with advancements in technology meaning they are communicated with by emails and SMS, they are reminded when they are due back for a check-up or an exam and they can even pay their bills online when you’re not open. But what about growth through new business, how do you currently seek new patients, how do you track them when there is an enquiry and are you sure you’re following up on every one that comes in?

Growth should go hand in hand with your other sales activities.

Don’t waste your money on expensive marketing campaigns and advertisements to then lose the patient due to poor resources and management. Make sure you capture as many details as possible when an enquiry comes into the practice. Whether by phone, email or your website, have those details entered into your practice management system and assign a follow up to someone for a specific date and time.

How are you measuring the value of your new patients?

Start looking at your data and see how much revenue each new patient brings to your practice. Look at which treatments are the most popular for new patients and start to build your marketing and sales strategy around that.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Make sure you don’t lose touch with those new patients, send out a welcome message when they first register. Likewise, after their first appointment, follow up by asking for a review and a referral to friends and family.

If you cultivate the relationship with every new patient that comes into the practice, they will, in turn, generate more new business for you. Don’t fall at the first hurdle, ensure growth becomes second nature.

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