With ever improving internet capability, better broadband speeds and more intuitive technology, a truly connected healthcare system is now a realistic


Connected Health is one of the buzz terms in our sector. At its most basic level it means enabling patients to be able to connect with your practice. It means patients being able to to self-manage their account and their treatment.

This is how patients want to deal with your practice. It’s how they deal with other service providers with whom they have relationships, whether it’s their bank, their telecoms provider and even their supermarket. Online communication and management has become the norm and it’s important that healthcare steps up and meets this requirement.


It’s not just about the relationship that the patient has with your practice however. Whilst connecting patients to your practice is imperative, it’s just as important that your practice takes advantage of all of the opportunities to be joined up and connected. Integration of your practice hardware and software to one central management systems is now achievable. Whether that’s integrating your digital X-Ray equipment into your practice management software, or it’s the integration of a CRM system, an accounts system or an email marketing package, everything should be joined up and connected. All of the information relating to each of your patients should be accessible without having to log onto several different systems all at once. Practice Management software is no longer simply a scheduling and diary system.

The opportunities don’t stop there either. APIs can now offer your practice full integration and two-way communication with insurance portals, payment portals and many more 3rd party partners. External patient records all synchronised with internal patient files.

The drive to Connected Health presents the modern practice with the facility to provide better service to your patients, better efficiencies for your staff by managing all of your practice within one environment and better flow of communications with external partners. The capability is already here. Of course, your practice management software has to be capable…