Dental technology is moving forward every day. We have seen 3D printing has revolutionised the replacement of teeth and slow speed handpieces have transformed into precision electric handpieces. Now is the time to move to the cloud for dental practice management software.

So what is cloud computing?  The first thing you should understand about the cloud is that it is not a physical thing. There are many definitions of ‘the cloud’ but they are all centred around one specific theme – moving away from expensive servers, and spending considerably less for a service, without compromising the service, the quality or the security.

Think about the IT hassles that a dental practice encounters using server management systems. Most practices hire an IT person to ensure their computers and network is running smoothly. There are the constant needs for upgrades of both hardware and software. Cloud applications remove a lot of hassle, such as data server issues, backup and the constant need for upgrades.

Cloud computing is part of our everyday life and we rarely give it a second thought. We now need to ensure that our industry and our practices are part of that revolution. All that is needed within a dental practice is a simple computer and a web browser. Yet too many practices are still relying on in-practice servers, networks and hardware.

Nothing to Fear.

The biggest thing to overcome in dental cloud computing is FEAR! We entrust banks to handle our financial matters through cloud computing so why not trust your practice data to the same cloud! When using the cloud for your practice management there are regular backups. In the old world it’s not unusual for practice to not know when they last backed up their data.

In the cloud your practice data is always available 24/7/365 with Internet access. Web based practice management software is the perfect solution for multi-site practices too – no more setting up single systems with the large expense.

A study from security intelligence found 86% of security leaders surveyed say their organisations are now moving to the cloud. So are you ready for Dental Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is here to stay. Eventually every dental practice will move to the cloud and when you get there you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. The cloud makes accessing your data easier and streamlined.