The Importance of Learning & Development within the Dental Clinic

“Those with a high performing learning culture are 5x more productive” (Towards Maturity, 2019)

Learning in the workplace is a crucial part of how the knowledge economy is growing. With the importance of continual professional development within the dental industry ever-growing, being a step ahead is always at the forefront!

Limited learning into the workplace can be dangerous. It can limit impact to the business – staff become disengaged, focus is clouded and ultimately profit and growth fades. Learning has moved on from solely being focused on memory recall, but more focused on skills to familiarise and find information. This sets an important scene for success of learning within the dental industry.

Creating behaviours to develop general skills means that it is down to the learner to apply what they have learnt into the workplace. Considering the 70:20:10 approach (Jennings, 2013) to learning, 70% of how adults learn is through ‘doing’ and so we adopt this approach in our training and encourage our customers to practiceas they learn.

At Aerona we understand the important elements of learning and so we provide training that creates foundations. Continual support from our team assist our customers, ensuring learning embeds. Advanced training is then available for when customers feel they are ready for the next stage who can then move onto becoming part of our Aerona GROW programme.

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