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We provide a wide range of Learning and Training opportunities with continued professional development (CPD) points.

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Training for all Levels

To ensure we meet the needs of our clients, we offer a variety of training and development solutions. Our Aerona experts deliver Training for Beginners, Advanced Training, Customised Training and Consultancy Services to 100’s of Aerona users every year. Our friendly training staff are always available to give ongoing support over the phone to both new and established customers.

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Training Solutions to suit your Clinic

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Training for Beginners

Our Aerona experts will liaise with your practice to ensure your system is customised and set-up prior to training. Beginners training will consist of on-site training for every member of your team who will be using AeronaClinic.


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Advanced Training

Aerona Advanced Training courses for our established users help their practices to harness the data they are collecting for improved patient flow, effective marketing, better customer experience, and ultimately greater profits.


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Our consultancy service is designed to help your clinic achieve business goals. Our specialist consultants provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to achieve ultimate goals for your practice.