It’s that time of year again when we make New Year Resolutions.

How many did you make? How many have you kept so far? Some resolutions we make to feel better about ourselves. Some we recognise we have to make in order to be as good as we could be, or indeed need to be, at a particular activity.

This is especially true of work-related resolutions. When we make work related resolutions they’re often to bring in some element of best practice that we recognise we’re not applying at the moment. To be more organised. To keep on top of workload. To get our work/life balance right. To finish work at a reasonable time each day. These aren’t really the stuff of resolutions. More the practices we should be adopting and demonstrating anyway.

Take control of your practice

We’re in the business of putting you back in control of your practice. If your business doesn’t use practice management software yet, then you’re missing out on the tools that could help you take better control of your practice and help you maintain some of those real resolutions. Practice management software helps you by:

  • Organising and scheduling your workload;
  • Enabling you to manage payments and invoices;
  • Keeping your patient records and notes all in one place;
  • Facilitating two-way patient communication;
  • Keeping your patient data safe and secure; and
  • Keeping your staff information and files in one place.

If you’re already a convert and you’re using a practice management software then you’re familiar with many of the benefits.If your software isn’t working fully in the cloud yet however then you’re not taking full advantage of all that modern software can offer your practice. A fully cloud based software can help you improve in 2017 by:

  • Enabling you to log in anywhere on any device so that you don’t need to head back into the office for that piece of paperwork, that patient file or that diary!
  • Updating itself automatically so that you (or your staff) don’t have to. Just like a Windows update it happens in the background so that each time you log on you’re looking at the most modern version.
  • Keeping your data secure from a virus attack or a server malfunction. If your data is hosted on a server in your practice then it is only as secure as the server itself. Overheating, fire, theft or simple water damage can all lead to a complete loss of your files. Cloud based software backs up your data each time you save it so you know that your practice is safe and secure.