Management Software , Orthodontists

AeronaClinic provides Orthodontists with dental practice management software tools to enable them to effectively manage their business using either a MAC or PC. This software has been developed over many years in conjunction with dental professionals who understand the working needs of the profession. Ease of use and accuracy of recording, along with the capacity to integrate with X-ray and other technologies are paramount. Referrals from general dentists can be tracked, and reports on all aspects of treatment created. Customer accounts are easily edited and can be printed directly. Stylish and clear treatment plans incorporating your Practice Logo and content details are automatically created, and Consent Forms and other important documentation can be customised to your requirements.

The feature rich and simple to use system allows you to effectively and securely manage your:

  • Patients
  • Insurance
  • Appointment book (including finding free slots)
  • Financial accounts
  • Reminders and Recalls
  • Image management (including before and after prints),
  • Ortho Charting
  • Treatment planning
  • Customisable Letters and Emails
  • Patient Communication (including 2-way SMS & keywords)


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AeronaClinic Charting

AeronaClinic orthodontic charting is simple and intuitive. Developed in conjunction with dental professionals who know the day to day working needs of an orthodontic clinic.