In the dental world, it’s easy to think of big groups when you think of dental brands – and for good reason. Being part of a corporate group guarantees fantastic clerical support and ‘you can be assured you are working in a compliant environment‘. 

But for the patient – they are looking for a personal approach no matter what practice they are visiting. This means it’s essential that you have the right software which allows the sharing of patient information across your business – not just the medical records, but the details that patients share which can turn a typical dentist visit into a visit with a dentist who cares about them as a person.

We all know how common the ‘fear of the dentist’ is – which is why it’s so important for dental groups to have more than just the brand as an image – you need to showcase the people behind the brand in order to show that your business has the familiar and friendly element that will put even the most nervous patient at ease.  

Ensuring your practice has the personal touch

Small practices will always find it easier to achieve this approach – they know their patients simply due to having a more limited scope and focus with smaller teams. This is not to say that big dental groups can’t achieve the same thing – they absolutely can – but in an organisation with so many people, it’s a much more difficult undertaking for these groups to achieve. 

With uncertain times ahead for many industries and dental practitioners in particular geographies, there has never been more of a need for a personal touch than right now. The personal approach is very much needed to limit any stress on any individual, ensuring you have that ease-of-use which is essential in this digital age, and have patients not only coming back again, but recommending your practice to others.

With Aerona’s software solutions, we can ensure you’re well connected and can easily access all  information, both the essential and the conversational items. Having the ability to send your patients a welcome email tailored specifically for nervous patients, or even knowing to wish a visiting patient a ‘Happy Birthday’ when it’s coming up is sure to set them at ease and leave a lasting impression, right away – and this is something Aerona can help with.

What do you know about your patients?

You know your market, but do you understand the value of knowing your patients? When we see these as distinct things, we see just how different they can be. Aerona understands the importance of familiarity with each customer (our reviews average at 5/5 for customer support). We know practices by name. In fact, because of how involved our team is from the beginning of the on-boarding process, the chances are that we’re familiar with your practice members, the issues you face in daily practice life and how we can go about helping you achieve your business goals.

You will never need to go through more than one channel to communicate effectively with Aerona Software, and the same should be said for any given dental practice. For us – it’s about the practices, for you it’s about the patients.

How can Aerona help?

For more information on how you can create a more personal approach to your patient management, while ensuring you have a user friendly system for patients, book a demo with a member of our team. We’d love to show you how we can set your practice up with a seamless, feature rich solution.