Many clinics focus on increasing new patient footfall, but what about existing patients that fail to keep regular appointments? Patient retention is an important part of any clinic because existing patients are too valuable to lose. With so many competitors in the market, patients can easily move to another rival clinic. While retaining patients can pose difficulties, it can be easily done when an effective strategy is put into place. This blog will give key insights on how to revive and improve your patients attendances, making sure they don’t turn into “Ghost” patients, ultimately leading to an increased revenue for your clinic.

Keep Your Patients on an Automatic Recalling System 

Patients who have unscheduled appointments are missed opportunities in your clinic. These patients may have good intentions of making an appointment however, in our ever busy lives, these good intentions result in forgetting to book. Alternatively, they may just book somewhere else. To prevent this loss of potential revenue, source and use a practice management software that automates your recalls. Automated recall systems are proven when it comes to informing your patients of upcoming appointments, helping increase retention rates and revenues for your clinic.

How to catch the ones that fall through the net 

In our ever busy lives, it is natural that some people cancel their appointment and often forget or neglect to make another one. Creating a report of these patients on a weekly basis allows you to specifically target them with reminder emails or text messages prompting them to book their new appointment. This strategy has been proven to increase bookings from these previous non-attendees.

Champion your Customer Service 

Having a good relationship with your patients is a key factor to retaining them. Keep a note of any interesting conversations you had with your patients, for example sporting interests or family members they might refer to. These simple notes can be added to their file as an aide memoire to prompt conversations when they next attend. When your patients present for their next appointment, you will have something personable to talk about with your patient, who is sure to be impressed. Sometimes the small things add the greatest value to your patients overall experience.

Always keep in touch 

Even when patients are not in your clinic, it is still important to keep in touch with them. If you have a practice management software that can send emails to all your patients at the same time, this will save precious time for you. Be sure to share good news stories. If you have a new dentist coming on board or if your practice has won any awards for outstanding service or excellence in patient care, let your patients know about it. No one else will do it for you. This way you are keeping in constant contact, which keeps that important bond and link between you and your patient. The result is patients being more likely to stay loyal to you when making their next appointment.

If you can have an impact on your patients both inside and outside of your clinic this will help increase patient retention and ultimately increase revenue. Having a good practice management system will help streamline this process for you. Check out how Aerona Software’s cloud practice management software can help you achieve your clinics goals today.