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Support FAQS

Am I limited to the number of computers or users?

No, all subscriptions included unlimited devices such as PC’s, Macs, Tablets and other devices. Also included are ALL users within your practice. You simply pay your subscription based upon the number of active treatment rooms. Rooms can be added easily whenever you need to.

How secure is the ‘cloud’?

There are multiple levels of security with our cloud solution including ISO 27001 certification, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards. We use physical and soft firewalls, all data is encrypted and there are a number of features in use to secure the levels of user access.

Do I need to perform backups every evening?

No. AeronaClinic takes care of all your backups so no more expensive hardware and software. Your data is back up in real time and in two locations. Also as part of GDPR, you have one less thing to worry about as there are no additional copies of your data left around.

Do I have to pay a licence fee upfront?

No, with AeronaClinic there are NO upfront licence costs. You simply pay your monthly subscription based upon the number of treatment rooms. There are NO hidden costs and the minimum term is only 12 months.