Trends in 2019 for technology in the Dental Sector by Brigeen Peto, Founder of Aerona Software & Innovator in Cloud Dental Software.

Cloud computing growth continues to accelerate rapidly within the Dental and Healthcare sector as more clinics and groups are appreciating the many benefits that it brings to their business.

Many progressive Dental Practices are already in the Cloud or are transitioning to it. The traditional in-house software providers may still command the market share as Practices seek to justify previous capital outlay, but they are now playing catch-up with the latest cloud technology and innovators in the industry.

According to a 2018 report from Gartner, Cloud Computing and  Software as a Service will continue to grow with an expected increase of 17.8% in 2019 as the market comes to demand the very low cost outlay and continuous software improvements that the Cloud offers to customers.

The security of your patient data and GDPR have been at the forefront of 2018, adn Cloud based solutions have met these demands head on, so what will be the key drivers in 2019?

The market shift to Cloud based software has been built upon the flexibility it offers in terms of access and control of data, increased security & protection and cost benefits. However there are other key drivers that will become more obvious in 2019, which makes Cloud dental software a must for the growing business:

  1. The growth of groups

The number of single location practices is shrinking, with 12% of the dental market in the UK being controlled by corporates/groups. The advanced Cloud technology will play a big role in transforming these clinics and ensuring they have KPIs and analytics that can give them an overview of their entire business. Gone are the days when a clinic should need to enter a patient in each of their clinics and not get a full overview of their clinical requirements or understand their full needs from any one site. Both clinics and patients want the flexibility to book and pay for their appointments in any location: the advanced Cloud software from Aerona offers them this solution.

  1. Patient Interaction Online

More and more patients are using the internet as a source of knowledge before making their decision on the Dental care. It is vital that your practice is digital and mobile friendly for patients, and that you have positive reviews. As online patient engagement grows, clinics will need to have the tools to allow new patients and their current patients make appointments online, take payments and move beyond this to manage their consent and provide deeper interactions. Providing your patients with more flexibility will strengthen your relationship with them as well as making your clinic more efficient, improving patient compliance and confidence.

  1. Marketing

A centralised marketing tool, as part of your dental software or seamlessly integrated with it, is key to engage potential patients and ensure they choose you for their upcoming Dental Care. Real time analytics about patients, source, treatment flow will provide you with key information to make decisions and solve problems quickly.

  1. 3-D images

3-D Digital imaging is revolutionising dentistry and ultimately will give clinics a more in-depth view of a patient’s issues and better treatment outcome. However from a practical cost point of view these images require significantly more storage than 2-D images. This can be costly and cumbersome for a clinic if you have adopted a traditional desktop only solution. However moving to a Hybrid or Cloud solution will save you money and provide you with the flexibility to use the best technology and not have to worry about space and back-ups.

2018 has been a huge year of growth for Cloud based Dental software as the logical solution for any forward looking practice, but 2019 looks set to be even bigger as cost, access and control issues become even more important around data and dentistry generally. At Aerona, we are here to guide you through the process and bring you into the future of practice management.

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