Your clinic has been given a facelift with a stylish design, inside has been fitted out with the best the industry has to offer and you have a fine-tuned marketing strategy in place, yet you find yourself crunching the numbers to determine why your sales are yet to hit the desired heights! The likely answer? Your approach to customer care!!

Customer care is at the heart of Aerona and one of the key elements that continues to drive our success. Time has shown us that excellent customer service is part of the bedrock of any successful business and this is why it should be a key metric imbedded to your clinic’s core.  Afterall, great customer care will help:

  • Generate positive publicity
  • Increase patient loyalty
  • Make your patients more inclined to repeat spending
  • Make your patients more inclined to pay more

The benefits associated with great customer care are not limited to the four mentioned above, but these four alone will see your clinic flourish.

A common pitfall with customer care is our interpretation of what it actually demands. Customer care is much more than being polite and courteous to patient’s as they arrive for their appointments, customer care runs much deeper than that. Put simply, great customer care is about going above and beyond for your customers, ensuring every aspect of their journey at your clinic is a positive one.

The good news is, its relatively simple to implement a customer care strategy that will bring with it:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Cost benefits

Once you develop a vision for the standard of customer care you want your clinic to deliver, your journey to success has begun. Play close attention to the needs of your patients, after all the key measure of business success is customer satisfaction.

Let Aerona help you achieve that success talk to us today! –

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